Lipozene Diet Pills Reviews

Lipozene Diet Pill Review

What is Lipozene?

According to its marketers Lipozene is a high fiber supplement clinically proven to help you lose body fat.  If you don’t want to just lose weight, but pounds of body fat, Lipozene is for you. Never mind that that message is a bit perplexing. What else do you want to lose but “body fat”?

That’s not the only strange or negative message sent in the video testimonial that is displayed on the Lipozene homepage. The general message is not very responsible either: I don’t need to change my diet or activity level to lose weight.

Magic pill marketing is not the way to go. So, criticism aside, what is the make up of Lipozene? Glucomannan. That’s it. You don’t see very many weight loss supplements that put all of their eggs in one basket. Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that promotes satiety.

One study showed that glucomannan helped people lose an average of 5.5 pounds. The study was made of obese individuals, who would take one gram of glucomannan and 8oz. of water an hour prior to three meals a day, during an eight week period.


Lipozene’s sole ingredient has been shown to help with weight loss
Helps users lose body fat
High in dietary fiber


Promotes not changing diet or lifestyle to lose weight
The maker of Lipozene has previously been in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission
FDA has not approved Lipozene, or products containing Glucomannan to treat obesity


There is no exercise prescription for consumers by Lipozene.

Lipozene contains glucomannan, a 100% natural fiber from the konjac root.

Lipozene with its only ingredient Glucomannan appears to be nothing more than a high-fiber supplement. However, if you’re buying Lipozene for just one ingredient, the high fiber, you could get a similar effect from a high-fiber cereal or making sure you eat fibrous vegetables. It would be more affordable. As with any weight loss program, you should seek your doctor’s advice before starting. Adding a high-fiber supplement to your diet should be advised by your doctor as well.
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