2018 Joint Support Editors’ Choice Award

There are hundreds of products out there that claim to offer support for joints and manage symptoms associated with bad joint health, some obviously better than others. But which ones are really effective? To help you choose, we did the research on hundreds Top Glucosamine Awardof products. We then identified the Top treatments and put them under our microscope to ascertain superiority and effectiveness. We understand how difficult this condition can be to manage, so of course you want the very best treatment to help optimize joint health and reduce severity.

2018 Best Rated Joint Supplement Kit

MerkLabs Glucosamine Chondronitin Tumeric Dietary Supplement has been selected as our top performing Joint Support supplement for joint pain relief support.  MerkLabs provides an excellent dual supplement and knee support kit to tackle knee joint support in a two prong attack.  Clearly a Joint Pain relief superior supplement with the right ingredients in a large enough dose can make the difference!  That’s where Merk Labs Glucosamine Joint Support supplement really comes through.

Many of our readers constantly ask what they can do to finally get the natural joint pain relief and reverse their joint deterioration.  The common complains revolve around everyday activities, like walking, running, biking, climbing stairs, even just standing for a time or kneeling can cause pain and stiffness. Some of the worst pain comes from activities that involve repetitive motion, like raking leaves or vacuuming, where you pull and pull to one side of your body and get stiff hands and a sore back. Some others complained from old injuries acting up such a knee injuries for high school sports or a hard fall.  All these can make your daily life miserable making you feel constrained by not being able to do the activities you used to love and enjoy.

Thanks to continued breakthroughs in joint science, there is potential for real relief available now.  Most of joint support supplements you’ve tried have probably contained variations of Glucosamine and Chontronitin. There are studies that show that if you take these 2 ingredients for a long period of time, they may help rebuild damaged joints. However, I would like you to know that the problem with your supplements containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin is related to the fact that they are just two ingredients and they may not offer sufficient anti-inflammatory or pain relieving properties. In other words, those supplements are incomplete. Not to mention, I highly recommend only buying Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement that is made in the USA (and most that are out there are made in China). Companies that produce their joint supplements in the USA are required to get their product 3rd party tested to show that the correct amounts of Glucosamine or Chondroitin are inside the pills.  But before we get to the ideal ingredients in a joint supplement, let’s address one ingredient you do NOT want in a joint relief supplement . . .

In your search for alternative supplements, you may have come across a “new” nutrient called UC-II. The companies who sell UC-II supplements make it sound like an exciting new formula that will work better than Glucosamine and Chondroitin, but the reality is that UC-II is just chicken cartilage and is not very effective. Manufacturers and sellers of UC-II supplements like it simply because it’s cheaper to harvest and sell.

One ingredient that you do want in a joint supplement is Boswellia Extract. Extracts of Boswellia Serrata, a herb used in ancient remedies, have been shown in studies to improve joint function and reduce pain. Another great herb to look for in a joint formula is Turmeric. You might know Turmeric as the spice used in cooking, often in curry. The little-known fact about Turmeric is that it can also be used as a natural pain-reliever and reduce inflammation. You have likely found that anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen are among the most effective at relieving your pain. Studies have shown that the anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric are equal to that of Ibuprofen. Even better: Turmeric is all-natural.

After review studies and years of trying different herbal formulations on our own, we can tell you that supplements with a combination of Glucosamine plus Chondroitin, Boswellia Serrata, MSM and Turmeric really work, especial if you buy one that’ was made in the USA, and take it as directed for longer than one day. Thousands of man and woman swear by them and write incredible reviews on-line.  But make sure that you look for a large enough dose to make a difference.  Merkel Labs was the only brand we found to provide an excellent dual supplement and knee support kit to tackle knee joint support in a two prong attack.

Possible Side Effects

If you are currently nursing or pregnant you should consult your doctor before taking this supplement. If you are currently taking any medications or have any health conditions that may be of concern, you should also talk to your doctor before taking this product. Children should not take this supplement.

The Bottom Line

MerkLabs joint pain relief brand seems to be a reliable supplement for people suffering from joint pain and stiffness. Our research and review we received showed that it worked fast and effectively with no side effects. The money back guarantee offered, makes this supplement more appealing to buyers than other products. Many customers said it was a good alternative to taking over-the-counter pain medication. There are a number of different purchase options which is good for customers as it gives them a choice of how much or how little they wish to commit to.

Why MerkLabs brand joint relief supplements?

  • Extra Large dose plus extra large count bottle!
  • Extra Large 1500mg Glucosamin daily dose
  • Extra Large 1500mg Chonrontin daily dose
  • Comes with Boswellia plus it’s made w/more ingredients for your money:  Tumeric plus MSM
  • Guarantee policy

Learn more about MerkLabs Glucosamine Chondronitin Tumeric MSM joint injury pain relief support formula at MerkLabs.com

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