Avaprex Diet Pill Reviews

Avaprex Diet Pill Review

avaprex diet pill reviews While at first glace Avaprex has an official website, which is always a good sign.  The Avaprex site makes a bunch of claims for this weight loss diet pill.  The Avaprex marketers claim that Avaprex is a revolutionary diet pill that has helped people achieve their diet goals. They say that this supplement incorporates high-grade botanical ingredients, which can suppress your appetite and control your cellulite as well as balancing and strengthening your heart. They claim that Avaprex can also increase your endurance and improve your digestion, as well as your skin tone. Sounds like a miracle, if it works.

The ingredients in Avaprex consist of Cha de Bugre, Maltodexin, Silica, Magnesium Sterate and Gelatin Capsules.
Product Features

The main active ingredient in Avaprex is Cha de Bugre. Cha de Bugre is a small tree that grows in the tropical areas of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The red cherry fruit of the Cha de Bugre tree resembles coffee beans, and a drink is made from these that is often referred to as café de mato. This drink is known for its appetite suppressant and stimulant qualities. In fact, the stimulant properties in Cha de Bugre are said to be double that of caffeine. You would probably be well advised to cut down on your coffee drinking if you decide to give Avaprex a try. Side effects associated with Cha de Bugre include dry mouth, anxiety and insomnia. An increasing number of weight loss products on the market today are now using Cha de Bugre as an ingredient. Avaprex can be ordered directly from the official website at a price of $14.97. The manufacturers say that you will need to use it for a three month period and that you will begin to see results within two weeks.

Avaprex Diet Pill Advantages

  •  There is an official website for Avaprex and the product can be ordered directly online.
  • There is a comprehensive ingredients list available for Avaprex.
  • The manufacturers list the warnings for this product on the website.


  • As Avaprex contains Cha de Bugre, you may experience a dry mouth, insomnia or anxiety with this product.
  • Avaprex should not be taken if you are also using any kind of cold medication or any class of medication known as MAO inhibitors.
  • Avaprex is not the sole product on the market that contains Cha de Bugre.

The manufacturers do not produce any evidence that shows that Avaprex is superior to other products on the market containing Cha de Bugre, nor do they do much to substantiate this product’s claimed skin and general health benefits.

Cha de Bugre, which is the main active ingredient in Avaprex, is attracting increasing interest from manufacturers of weight loss products, as many believe that it is a safe alternative to ephedrine. However, where Avaprex is concerned, we do not see any evidence that it is actually superior to other similar products containing Cha de Bugre. Additionally, we tend to be cautious with new “miracle” ingredients, especially if they are billed as potent stimulants. It might be best to wait on Avaprex to see if Cah de Bugre is associated with any long-term side effects.

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