About Us

We’re an international team of health advocates and contributors with primary reporting in North America. Here our robust editorial team manages contributor stories, health and wellness articles, reviews and along with consumers feedback.  All serving to keeping our consumer readers with the latest news and trends in the health and wellness arena.

scientists in labOur wellness experts follow the news and provide an easy to read digest of what’s important in today’s fast paced world.  We’ve got eyes everywhere covering what’s important to consumers ensuring you don’t miss a beat!  We cover health news to new health treatments to diet drugs to nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.  Our editors are well versed in the health arena and trail and uncover all the good nuggets of product information that matters to consumers like you.  Our writers and contributors are compensated and provide their opinions and subjective reviews on various products and or services.

Our Mission

To provide information and education for consumers that can be used to implement healthy changes, support weight loss efforts and inspire to live a healthier life.

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